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Traditional Logic II ch 6 quiz

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    Traditional Logic II ch 6 quiz

    I apologize if this has been answered or explained somewhere else. This is my first time going through Logic with one of my children, so in the process of learning a lot.

    On Ch 6 quiz of Trad. Logic II.
    In the Second section #2: Why is it not a 1st order Enthymeme (missing major premise)?

    On the key - the premise added is "All things undermined by scientific inquiry are things undermined by exploring the efficient causes of the natural world. "
    - Is this not adding the major premise?

    Premises stated in question:
    The Bible is not undermined by scientific inquiry because (conclusion)
    exploring the efficient causes of the natural world does not undermine the Bible. (minor premise)

    Bible= minor term
    Scientific inquiry= major term
    exploring efficient causes of natural world= middle term (not conclusion)

    Thank you for your help,
    Laura Smith​

    Hi mom2-3 boys, I've passed this along to a couple people more familiar with the Logic program than I am; I'll update you when I hear back!


      I ran this by a few people in our office more familiar with the program and they agree with you that this should be a 1st order since it's missing the major premise. We will correct our Teacher Key in future printings; thanks for pointing this out!


        Thank you so much for your help.