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Correction for Traditional Logic II, Teacher Key, Lesson 11, Day 2, 10b

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    Correction for Traditional Logic II, Teacher Key, Lesson 11, Day 2, 10b

    We were grappling with this one for a while until we realized the typo in the teacher key.

    The first statement of the sorites is "We should only give special trade privileges to those countries who respect human rights."

    The answer key indicates "application of Rule G in Chapter 5" to rewrite the statement as "All countries who respect human rights are countries to whom we will give special trade privileges."

    We grappled with this because Rule G is "Change Exceptive Sentences into E or A Statements", so we toyed with both types but were trying to figure out how the answer key ended up switching the subject and the predicate.

    That is, until we realized that it's not Rule G ("except") but rather Rule E ("only"), Change Exceptive Sentences into A Statements, that says to replace "only" by "all" and switch the subject and the predicate, which is exactly what's shown.

    So, the answer key should correctly say application of Rule E.

    Also, I would suggest that you change "to whom we will give" to "to whom we may give" or "to whom we should consider giving" because "will" implies a promise that isn't inherent in the original only statement. The original statement suggests that respecting human rights is a precondition to special trade privileges, but does not guarantee those privileges.