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LCII Lesson 7

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    LCII Lesson 7

    Exercise A #3: The answer given is "The people do not like long wars." with a note that 'populus' is singular in Latin although 'people' is plural in English. If you are using a singular subject, shouldn't the verb agree? It appears that you are using people as a singular with "do", a plural verb. This has come up earlier in our class, so we need an explanation that will satisfy curious little minds.

    Exercise B #1: We've learned the rule that "adjectives of quantity (size, how many, etc.)" precede their nouns. So, shouldn't "small tablet" be translated "parvam tabellam" instead of "tabellam parvam?"

    same question

    I had the same question about "small tablet." was there an answer to this question?

    Thanks, Christine


      I'm not sure which Lesson we are talking about here, but 'populus' is singular, "people" (just as the English word 'group' is singular). But it also has a plural form, "peoples" (or "nations"). If you can tell me the lesson #, I can look at the particular exercise you are referring to. It could be that the plural form of this singular word is being used.

      In regard to the word small, that is an adjective of quantity ("how much", "how many") rather than quality ("what kind"). Adjectives of quantity generally go before their nouns, while adjectives of quality come after.

      I hope that helps.


        LCII, ch VII answer key correction

        thanks, that does help. I think, then, that the LCII teacher manual needs a correction on page 36, exercise B, #1.

        translate: The student carries a small tablet.

        answer currently is:

        Discipulus tabellam parvam portat.

        it should be:

        Discipulus parvam tabellam portat.


          Oh, I see. Yes. We will correct that. And just so you know, these are general rules, but are often violated in real Latin. But we do like to go according to the rules we set down, so we'll fix it. Thanks.



            Isn't "small" being used to indicate "what kind of" tablet? If so, shouldn't it follow the noun, as indicated in the TM?


              placement of adjectives

              To be consistent, we have changed this in the latest edition. However, the placement of adjectives according to 'quantity' or 'quality' is a tendency, not a rule. A handful of adjectives such as 'big', 'small', 'many', tend to precede while others tend to follow. But, any adjective can, for emphasis or stylistic reasons, either precede or follow. Paul.