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Helne U I-II Ex 25 correction & word order question

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    Helne U I-II Ex 25 correction & word order question

    I am 99% sure that # 6 in exercise 25 page 29. should read:

    Servi sunt in oppidis et in silva

    In takes the abl case and the sentence reads forrest, not forrests so the ending should be a (1st Dec. Abl S) right?

    Also, does anyone have anything to say about word order. What I have read (given rules excepted) is that is doesn't matter too much, but I am confused as sometimes the answer key will list for example:

    Christ is the son of God

    Christus est filius Dei and then sometimes Christus est Dei filius

    Does it matter which one comes first?

    One more:
    If sum can stand anywhere in the sentence, but it is the only verb in the sentence, is it better to generally put it last?

    In terra sum? or can it be Sum in terra??

    Thanks to anyone out there with any insight

    Henle I exercises p. 29

    Either in silva or in silvis is OK. The plural of this noun can be used for 'forest', like we say 'the woods'. Regarding word order of a noun with a modifying genitive, either order is correct. It is a matter of style. In Roman-era Latin, the genitive usually goes first, like in English (God's son). Many church phrases from the Middle Ages, however, have the genitive following: filius dei, corpus christi, and so on. Regarding the verb sum, it usually goes more or less where it goes in English, but it can also go at the end of the sentence. Paul OBrien.