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Corrections in 1st Lesson: Lingua Biblica

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    Corrections in 1st Lesson: Lingua Biblica

    I hope I'm not repeating a previous question, but I couldn't find this through a word search, so I'm trusting not.

    I am wondering if there are corrections listed anywhere on the Memoria website for the Lingua Biblica curriculum? And if not, if anyone has encountered these two trouble-spots in the 1st lesson:

    the last word of paragraph 4: should it be "Mares" ?

    And the very next line which would be 1st line of paragraph 5, 2nd sentence: is the word "terra" supposed to be in that sentence? It doesn't show up in the translation anywhere and I'm wondering if it should just be removed?

    Thanks in advance for any help given!


    Re maria and terra

    Re paragraph 4, the nom./acc. plural of 'mare' is 'maria'. Re paragraph 5,
    'terra' is the subject of 'germinet'. The more direct translation would be
    'let the earth bring forth...'. The translations in Lingua Biblica are
    reproduced from the same book that has the simplified Latin verses, and they
    are often more like equivalent renderings than direct translations. When
    you encounter discrepancies between the Latin and the translation, you might
    look online where there are several searchable editions of the Vulgate, with
    and without translations. The Latin text in Lingua Biblica is simplified,
    but more by way of cutting passages than rephrasing the Latin. The Latin
    phrases themselves are usually fairly close to the original.