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A few questions about LCII TM format

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    A few questions about LCII TM format

    I just received the teacher and student books for LCII and I was surprised at how much the format is different from LCI. Specifically, I miss the memorization and recitation cues in the TM, the student page overlays are more difficult to read and I was really expecting that it would be spiral bound like my LCI TM.

    Are there plans to produce a LC II TM that reads and performs as well as the LCI manual? I'm tempted to return it if a new one is being produced.


    Lc Ii Tm


    Unfortunately, we won't be re-printing the LC II Teacher Manual anytime soon. We are actually moving away from the spiral bound teacher manuals. Although they are very nice and lay flat, we have had some complaints about the spirals being bent or snagged in book bags.

    We will definitely add the cue words into the next printing.

    I am not sure what makes the student page overlays more difficult to read. They are the same size. Maybe it is the red answer color instead of blue?

    There are 4 pages per lesson in LC II because of the additional exercises and spacing in LC II. This is a tradeoff in comparison to LC I which has only two pages per lesson. I am sorry that you are not has happy with the layout of LC II, and we will definitely take your suggestions into account during our next printing.

    Perhaps you could give us some additional suggestions for the layout of LC I at
    Brian Lowe


      Thanks for your reply.

      You asked how the student overlay pages in LCII are more difficult to read. I think it's because they're formatted differently than LCI. I much prefer having the Latin Saying at the top of the page (instead of along the side) followed by the Vocabulary and Grammar Forms sections. Also, it's much easier to read bold-face and regular type than italic type.

      Thanks again for your reply and your interest in our opinions!