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LC II: Error in Lesson 11 Quiz?

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    LC II: Error in Lesson 11 Quiz?

    I've just given my children the quiz for lesson 11 in Latina Christiana II. None of us recall coming across the words exercitus or sapientia in our studies so far -- in fact, sapientia isn't in the glossary in the back of our third edition books.

    Anyone else in our boat?



    problems with Quiz 11

    Yes, you're right. The students have had "scientia " for knowledge, but they have not had the word for army. The other problem is the use of the genitive in the 2nd and 3rd sentences. While they have seen it used in sayings and prayers, and should be able to identify it, they have not been asked to use the genitive in sentences. Even if they realize that "of knowledge" should be "scientiae," they won't know how to translate "of the city" in the third sentence, since that's a third declension noun, for which they have not learned the endings yet. Even the preposition "near" in the third sentence was a problem for my students since that's not the first meaning of "ad." Most of them used "proximus" which is an adjective not a preposition. My recommendation is to substitute sentences from the chapter for the second and third sentences in the quiz.