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Adeste Fideles verse 2?

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    Adeste Fideles verse 2?

    The CD track of Adeste Fideles, verse 2, in LC1 does not match with the text in the book. Is there a revision available for this?

    verses 2 and 3

    We apologize for the confusion. We added the songs to Latina Christiana from the Lingua Angelica program and, unfortunately, Lingua Angelica's music doesn't include the verse in Latina Christiana.
    Happy Singing!

    The verses are as follows:

    Verse Two:
    Deum de Deo Lumen de lumine
    Gestant puellae viscera
    Deum verum, genitum no factum

    Chorus - venite adoremus, venite adoremus, venite adoremus dominum

    Verse Three:
    Cantet nunc Io Chorus angelorum
    Cantet nunc aula caelestium
    Gloria, Gloria, In excelsis deo!

    Chorus - venite adoremus, venite adoremus, venite adoremus dominum

    I know this is a little tricky without the music, but I hope this helps.
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    Leigh Lowe


      Do you have the English translation for these lyrics? Thanks!


        Here you go:

        The flesh of a virgin bears
        God from God, light from light,
        true God, begotten, not made.

        This is the translation of verse 2. You can actually get the translation to all the Latin prayers and songs from our Lingua Angelica book that goes with the song book.


        Tanya Charlton


          Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I had the translation right.

          Re: Lingua Angelica, what's the suggested Latin experience for it? My daughter has done Prima Latina and is doing LCI this year, would she be okay to do LA next year, or should I wait until she's completed LCII?