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    LCI DVD lesson VIII

    While watching the video for lesson VIII of LCI today, we noticed that the instruction seemed as if some information was skipped. The instructor made comment that the students hopefully were progressing in the Pater Noster but it hadn't previously been covered. Then, when it came to the 5 cases she made comment that she had told the students she wouldn't offer help anymore on stating the function of each... but we hadn't covered that particular review at all yet. Is there something missing from our DVD?

    The DVDs are designed to supplement the information in the books, so they do not assign work to do. The instructor is assuming that the students have been going through their workbook, and the Pater Noster was referenced on p. 21. Within the next couple chapters, the Pater Noster will become part of the recitation, and that is why it is referred to by the instructor here.

    As regards the cases, their usage is only briefly mentioned here, and the students will not even be required to know that material until LC II. We wanted to give some idea of why there are cases in Latin, without actually delving into the intricacies of their usage.

    Your DVD is not missing anything--we were just trying to be concise!

    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy



      You are not alone in your confusion. Grammar in Lessons 7-10 on the DVD seemed very confusing in the order presented. I sat down one day and watch grammar lessons from 8-10 and I'm glad I did! Lesson 10 on the DVD does a great job of explaining the 5 cases and examples of each in sentences. I was very confused as to why they waited until lesson 10 to explain it in so much detail when they had made reference to it in earlier lessons on the DVD. And the DVD did assume we knew the case functions in one lesson before it was taught on the DVD. I think if anyone would view these grammar lesson from lessons 7-10 in order they would understand our confusion. In my opinion it makes more sense to teach the functions of nouns in detail before teaching sentence formation. Maybe just the way I think, but my kids did better when I taught the functions first. After all they kept asking what they meant, go figure!