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Second Form Latin Online Instructional Videos (Streaming)

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    Second Form Latin Online Instructional Videos (Streaming)

    We have just started Second Form Latin this year. The vocabulary, declensions and conjugations are not an issue. We are having trouble with the sentence translation part of the lessons ... for the most part, the words are correct but the order and from has been difficult. We have all of the books including the instructional DVD but wanted to see if there are any other resources that may help us understand this better? I saw the online instructional video but didn't know if it covers translations or just vocabulary and declensions. Any advice on any tools that may help us through this?


    The translation is the most difficult part of this course, so don't set your expectations too high. It sounds like your student is doing a great job with the mastery of the vocabulary and grammar forms. Learning to translate is an application that is somewhat developmental. At HLS, we started making our students parse every sentence, word by word before they translated it. This forced them to really think about every word. I am attaching the form here that we used to do that. Now, this does mean that you won't have time to do every exercise in the workbook, so just choose a few from each translation drill to do, but do them well and thoroughly. This is going to take lots of practice, but it is worth the time to form the habit of parsing. And for quizzes, when I taught SFL, I didn't let the translation on the quiz totally destroy my students' grade. If they knew the vocabulary and grammar forms, and the only thing they missed was the translation, I gave as much partial credit as I could, and for the really difficult sentences, I made them bonus sometimes.

    I hope this helps to ease your mind. The translation should be difficult, and we don't expect your SFL student to master it. But you do need to continue practicing translation because the more you do in SFL, the easier it will be as you move forward with your Latin.

    I am also putting the FFL parsing sheet here so you can see how we had students label. For SFL, we just give them blank space to work in because we have trained them to use the FFL Parsing sheet and it was old hat to them!


    Parsing Blackline SFL Edited.pdf
    FFL Parsing Blackline Final.pdf