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    First Form Student Text p.3

    Hi, I'm totally new to MP & Latin, so I wanted to check about something here. In the letter to students and parents on p.3, it says "computer comes from the Latin word for I think, compute, computo."
    However, I read an MP article about Latin that said computo means "I count." So, I was wondering is it "I think" or "I count?" I always thought I'd heard cogito for I think.

    Thanks for your help!


    Looks like you've got a classic case of variable translation! Latin words often have a broader sense to them in English, meaning that oftentimes we need multiple English ways to translate them to capture every sense in which it is used. The verb "computo" is a compound of the "con-" prefix, meaning "together" with "puto", a verb with LOTS of different translations in English. It can mean "to think" in the sense of pondering, considering, or reckoning, which becomes "to think together" or more simply, "to count, to calculate" when you add the prefix "con-".

    In short, "to think" is a valid translation of "computo" as long as it has that sense of putting things together. "To count, to calculate" is a valid translation too.

    Hope this helps!