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Henle Latin I Quiz #29

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    Henle Latin I Quiz #29

    Hello - I recently ordered you Henle Quizzes for I & II. We were nearly done with I already so I have only used the last 3 quizzes. I believe I found what appears to be errors in the answer key for Latin I Quiz #29. If I am mistaken please let me know. Also, do you have a list of errors for I & II so I may correct my copies?

    In #1 you have "in longibus et altibus fluminibus" but longus and altus are 1st/2nd declension adjectives and should instead be in the ablative pl neuter "longis" and "altis".

    In #2 you have "propter nominem Jesu" but nomen is a neuter 3rd declension noun and therefore the correct form of nomen in the singular accusative is "nomen".

    Thank you , Barbara

    You are correct in both instances. We'll make corrections. Thanks for pointing this out.