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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-Teacher Guide enrichment error

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    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-Teacher Guide enrichment error

    Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, I scanned through but didn't see it.

    We just started 5th grade and are on enrichment for Chapter 1 of LWW. The teacher guide states that the UK consists of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland (teacher guide pg. 9). Whilst Northern Ireland is indeed in the United Kingdom (though it is not in Great Britain), Ireland is not.

    (For those further interested, all of Ireland was under British rule from 1801 to 1922. The Irish Republic was proclaimed in 1916, declared in 1919, the Anglo-Irish Treaty adopted in 1922 and the country of Ireland with its present border (carving off "Northern Ireland") established in 1922. It's an interesting, conflicted and heartbreaking story.)

    Anyway, thought it was worth a mention...

    Very much worth a mention! Thanks for bringing it up!

    The Teacher Guide is plain wrong, so I'll see to its amendment for the next reprint. It occurs to me too that the map's labeling could be ambiguous, as the constituent countries of the UK are in a small font, the independent country of Ireland is in a larger font, but then "United Kingdom" is over all of it in a much larger font. Even after fixing the Teacher's Guide, some students less familiar with the Ireland/UK situation might make the same mistake. I'll see what it'll take to amend the map as well.

    (For those yet further interested, Lewis' work on LWW began in 1939 and ended with its publication in 1950, both of which postdate the 1922 Treaty and the formalization of the present border in 1925. So, the map of Ireland that we have and the one C.S. Lewis had were the same. I've worried about these sorts of things ever since our school's theatre production of Anne of Green Gables featured the modern Canadian flag, which was created 100 years, almost to the week, after the fictional Anne Shirley's birth.)

    - Jon


      Thank you Jon, that sounds wonderful! I'm from Northern Ireland myself and the whole UK/Ireland/Great Britain/Britain thing comes up... A LOT! Of course, it got further complicated when I tried to explain to my daughter why competitors from Northern Ireland were able to be in either the Irish OR the Great British team at the Olympics, despite technically not belonging to either country.... 🤔🤔