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Christian Studies Book 2 - Review Lesson Unit III

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    Christian Studies Book 2 - Review Lesson Unit III

    Was just wondering if someone could double check for me whether the teacher key has an error on page 58. The salvation history timeline has "God's showdown with baal" as the last one chronologically (1 Kings 18), but the "Most Wicked King and Queen" occurs in the chapter following it in the text (1 Kings 21). Thank you for your time!


    I agree that this is confusing. I think our phrase "Most Wicked King and Queen" intends to refer to Ahab and Jezebel coming to power, which was before the story of Elijah and Baal. It is referred to in the introduction to "Elijah a Prophet of Israel" (p. 270 GCB). They were in power when Elijah and Baal had their showdown. I think I will change this question to say "Most Wicked King and Queen come to power" because I can see how you would infer that we are talking about the Naboth story.

    Thanks for helping us make this better!