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    Beowulf Part II Quiz


    Question # 4 of Quiz II in my Beowulf TG states, "What trophy does Beowulf bring to the surface? And what in particular caused him to do so?" The multiple choice options do not include an answer to the second question.

    The options are:
    a.) Grendel's mother's head
    b.) Grendel's head
    c.) a dragon's arm
    d.) a golden goblet

    This question also appears this way on the quiz downloads I printed.

    My dd's answer was correct but she was confused about the second question, for which an answer option was not offered. Not a huge deal, obviously. Just FYI.

    DD15 - 9th core + CLRC Ancient Greek I & Latin IV + VideoText math
    DS12 - 7th core + Novare Earth Science + CLRC HS Latin I + VideoText math
    DD8 - SC level 2

    Good afternoon Mary,

    Thank you so much for catching this! I will check with the guide's author to see what his original intention was. In the meantime, you can cross out the second question or turn it into a free-response bonus question.


    ETA: I spoke with David Wright and he has decided to simply cut the second of the two questions. We will be sure to fix this in the next reprint.
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