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    I know this is not a Memoria Press text, but on page 72 of the Spelling Workout E Teacher's Edition, the answers to the student syllabication activity incorrectly split the following words:

    13. co ver It should be: cov er (o says Ə before m, n, th and v, usually not at the end of the syllable, like moth er and broth er)

    14. do zen It should be: doz en

    15. clo set It should be: clos et (the o is saying its short sound, not at the end of the syllable)

    They are correctly syllabicated in the dictionary at the back of the SWO E guide.

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    Summer start 5A

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    SC1 (Phonics/Math), SC2's Writing Book 1

    Well, we can't do anything about this, but I am going to forward it to our teachers as a heads-up in case they missed it, so thanks for that! And maybe I'll put a note in the curriculum manual for 4th grade!