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Errata: Concise History I (to 1877) guides

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    Errata: Concise History I (to 1877) guides

    Hello again!

    We found a couple of small mistakes in the Consice History I guides. I ordered these last year, so I'm not sure if these have already been caught/corrected. Please ignore if that's the case. )

    1. Page 6 of each guide lists "John Williams" as the founder of Rhode Island. It should be Roger Williams.

    2. On page 60 of the TG, question 16 in the Test One - Key lists the dates of the French and Indian War as 1756 - 1763. Those are the dates of the Seven Years' War, fought in Europe.
    The French and Indian War, fought in the English colonies, lasted from 1754 - 1763.


    DD15 - 9th core + CLRC Ancient Greek I & Latin IV + VideoText math
    DS12 - 7th core + Novare Earth Science + CLRC HS Latin I + VideoText math
    DD8 - SC level 2

    Thank you so much, Mary! We will get these corrected in the next reprint.
    Memoria Press