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  • Favorite Figure of Description

    Hello everyone! Do you have a student who just astounded you with a brilliant figure of description? Why not post it to the forum here, and we can share in the creativity and get inspired as educators as well?

    For me, this is a fun little geographia from a Narrative student who was writing Giufa - "Eat, my Clothes!'" from the perspective of a dog. Her characterization of the dog through her use of the figure was absolutely delightful, not to mention amusing. She also nicknamed Giufa the "Cheese Guy" due to his pungency, which was another great touch.

    Geographia: It has rolling hills to lie on, lush valleys to run in, and little pretty stuff that sticks out of the ground, which always sways with the wind. There are these tall things that are very big, and when I chase furry treasures they always run up the tall things.