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  • Student samples for Classical Composition levels

    Is there a compilation of student samples from each CC level posted somewhere? Ideally organized by level with at least 2 samples from students beginning that level and two by students nearing completion of that level.

    I ask because when I asked about my student being ready to move on to the next level, a kind MP representative (Abigail) provided excellent student samples, which I found to be so much more helpful (as well as enjoyable to read) and filled with much more “vivid detail” than I was understanding from the TM. Having these samples much earlier in our journey would have been amazing.

    My student is currently doing lesson 2 in Chreia and Maxim. I have read every thread I can find and I understand this level teaches various ways to support an argument (thesis) by teaching students different ways to show why the truth of the saying is admirable. This level is making my child think about how best to do that.

    Specifically, the cause and converse paragraphs feel awkward. I understand cause is a positive outcome from heeding the truth and converse is very closely related but highlights a negative outcome. The suffering and reversal are different but the other narrative components should be pretty much the same. My son tried to use the example of the Civil War nearly destroying the Union as the converse, but I redirected him to use that as the example paragraph. He forgets to add the requested figures of description, which we then brainstorm ways to add a few descriptive words into each paragraph on the final draft day. To me, the examples in the TM call a handful of descriptive words or an added descriptive phrase “vivid”. I see why they are needed, so that spice and interest is added to the writing.

    An online class at this point is impossible for us due to several conflicting issues. The TM is great, the DVD’s are helpful, but what I need are samples. Samples from real students as they progress through Chreia/Maxim (and really Ref/Con also). Maybe even with comments that explain why certain aspects were spot on and maybe this one paragraph missed the mark and a suggestion for what would improve it.

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    Hello! Thank you so much for your post! I just wanted to let you know that I'm working with the publishing and school side to see if I can post some samples. I cannot post them at this moment, but I did not want to leave you hanging! I fully understand that, just like the models help up understand what should be going on, that well-executed examples are highly helpful for standards as well.
    I will get back with you just as soon as I can.


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      Abigail Johnson That would be simply marvelous!


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        I found watching the sample classes from MPOA to be amazingly instructive as to the general level of what students are churning out (aside from my pair of students in CC). I just wish that they didn't pick classes only doing Fable and Narrative. The way the HS Comp I students offer feedback on each other's papers is exactly what we have been doing in class, and it takes the bite out of the editing process when it's not just the teacher offering suggestions. I'd love to see a sample class from Chreia & Maxim! This might be a good way to do it. My goodness, I think an entire year of classes looking at other students' writing and highlighting the honorable and editable would be highly instructive to novice parents.
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          Hello everyone!
          I just wanted to give you an update on this and provide some context as we seek to fulfill the requests of our families as well as maintain the integrity of the curriculum. Suffice to say, I am working on a set of essays that offer an example of what mastery of the level looks like. These are real student essays, created by my own students and children, personal information redacted. However, the essays I am compiling are not of lessons in the actual book. The internet is a wonderful resource, but I do not want actual lesson essays floating out on the internet for a student to be tempted into, ahem, borrowing. I have seen such issues previously when students put their own work on blogs, websites, etc., and I do not want to encourage that. Thankfully I have a few very eager students who are composing extra essays for me, as well as pulling from occasional lessons that I incorporate for variety into my online classes. I hope the essays will serve well to highlight just what we are "looking for" as we attain mastery of content, creativity, style, and the models.
          More Soon!
          Abigail Johnson


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            Abigail Johnson Thank you so much! This will make a tremendous difference!


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              Abigail Johnson did this ever happen? :-)


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                Yes, they exist! :-) I now include sample essays for grading comparisons as a part of both TT and Sodalitas presentations There is not an official publication for general distribution yet. It been very helpful to roll these out in trainings, so I can best determine the format and presentation for publication.


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                  Thanks! :-)