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High School Comp vs Common Topic

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    High School Comp vs Common Topic

    I am looking at the MPOA schedule for next year and wondering about the merits of taking just Common Topic or the High School Comp II level. It seems that if we do High School Comp II and then High School Comp III she would be freed to have a larger variety of courses in her junior and senior year. Is there anything I am missing here? Would High School Comp II be a good fit for a student who is a solid composition student (currently has an A in Ref/Con), and has done CC with MPOA all the way up? Thank you!

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    The biggest difference between taking HS II and the whole year of Common Topic is pace. HS II does indeed cover both the Common Topic and the EIC books, and to do this, unless it is an introduction to a stage week, students have an essay due every week. For those who are used to the single stage classes, with 2 to 3 weeks per paper, this can be a bit of an adjustment. It is up to your discernment if your student has the time and the focus necessary to complete an essay every week.
    If, as you say, your student is used to a rigorous Memoria Press pace, then HS II might be a good thing to do, as yes, it is wonderful to have some more free time in later years to take Senior Thesis and Foundations of Composition, which are a great way to finish off high school writing training and prepare for college.


      Michelle, She could always do a full year of CT in 9th, then 2 more years of HS Comp II & III and get through the entire sequence (or stop after II). That would still leave 12th open to do more writing in literature/history/classics.
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