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    Online Class or DVD

    I am thinking about next year. I love writing, but I wonder if I would be able to teach CC. I am wondering if anyone can advise my on either learning how to teach CC or if the online classes might be a good option for us. I think that it could be very beneficial to have someone else who could teach this class for me as well as an objective, experience teacher give feedback and guidance. However, my daughter is very sensitive about her writing, and hopes to be a writer. I would hate to see her efforts cease because I handed her off to a teacher too soon. Does anyone have any advise? Thank you!

    How old is she? My kids liked the MPOA classes better than the videos, but they were middle school and it has been awhile since we used the videos so they may have been updated. CC is quite different than what most people would consider “being a writer”.

    Plans for 2021-2022
    15th year homeschooling, 12th year with Memoria Press
    DD College Freshman
    DS 10th grade - Lukeion Latin and Greek, Vita Beata Greek Dramas
    DS 8th grade - Vita Beata Literature
    DS 3rd grade - Vita Beata Literature, Right Start F, First Form Latin


      My daughter is nine. She'll be ten when we begin.


        Hi Jessica Louise . ! So glad you are considering the CC program! If I looked at your posting information we are speaking of your rising 3rd or rising 4th grader, is that correct? Our Fable stage generally starts with 4th or 5th grade, once students have a firm grasp of spelling, mechanics, and syntax. I would encourage you to take a look at the Intro to CC video clips that are posted on the MP website on each of the CC stage curriculum pages. The hyperlink is for Fable, to get you started. Then, there is a quick synopsis video for each of the subsequent stages, on that stage's curriculum details page. These videos will give you a general idea of what our goals are for each stage. Here is also a link to the 2019 Sodalitas training, which goes more in-depth into the stage.

        Some students are very apt and excellent at a young age in doing online classes, while other students need a more in person approach to keep them focused and taking in the content. I would love to dialogue with you more specifically about your daughter's style her personality, as well as your thoughts after you have looked at the videos to see what may be the best option for your family! I am so glad we have several different ways of offering classical composition so that it is accessible to all families!


          Abigail Johnson Thank you for responding! I feel better already. You and CC are a big part of why we transitioned to MP. I know I have a lot of questions, but we intend to use MPOA for high school. I want to set a solid foundation for my child so that she is ready for MPOA.

          My daughter is a rising third grader. We will be using Introduction to Composition this year. I am looking ahead to next year (2022/2023). Both my daughter's aptitude for writing and the value that I place on learning how to think make this class very important to me. I have read everything I can find about CC, but I still need to view one of your Teacher Training videos from this year (I've only seen one of your CC classes from this year). I was considering ordering the whole kit and working through it, or signing her up (in January?) for MPOA. Honestly, part of this is financial planning. We have a few big education expenses. I wanted to budget for MPOA if I need to.

          My daughter will be taking two online MP classes through Vita Beata this year, so we can see how she does online. She is shy, easily upset, and sensitive. She wouldn't disrupt class, but she might run away from her computer if she gets embarrassed. One of my biggest concerns is her sensitivity to noise. Some online classes have terrible feedback and large differences in volume between speaking participants. Time will tell how she handles VitaBeata this year.

          My daughter is asynchronous, so I have no idea how she would do compared to other children. Her vocabulary is very high, but she is slightly behind in spelling and dictation. Her narration skills are good, but her penmanship could be better.

          On the other hand, I am concerned that I might not hold her to a high enough standard...or even know where that standard should be. I have no other children. All I can do is look at what the goals of the program are, and gage how much progress she is making.

          How do you advise a parent as to when to use MPOA, verses when not to? If I do teach it at home, what resources are available for me to begin learning how to teach it now? Thank you, Abigail!

          (Small side note: Is there anything else that I should work on to prepare her for Fable? I understand that grammar, spelling, and sentence construction, such as we work through in the lit guides, is preparation, but is thee anything else that needs to be mastered or practiced before Fable stage? Thank you again!!!!!)


            Hi Jessica,

            It’s a hard decision to know when to outsource. My eldest took FFL through MPOA last school year and had a wonderful experience. With a baby on the way, I knew I wanted her Latin studies to continue and for something to be taken off my plate. One thing to consider would be your daughter’s proficiency in keyboarding. I can’t speak for other classes, but in my daughter’s class most of the discussion took place in the chat box. Also, the “How and When to Outsource” talk from Sodalitas might offer more points to consider.

            I am taking one of the adult CC intensives with Ms. Johnson this summer. It is outstanding! I have learned a great deal and feel more competent to teach CC than I did before. I highly recommend the intensives.

            I will let Ms. Johnson answer how to prepare for Fable, she is the expert. I just wanted to pipe in with those two resources to consider. ☺️

            For 2021-22
            dd- 6th
            ds- 3rd
            dd- 1st
            ds- adding smiles and distractions


              VAmom Thank you. I will really have to think about this. I really appreciate the help!


                Hello Jessica Louise!
                If you have a rising 3rd grader, I would say just really focus on writing good, complete, accurate sentences! Even a small paragraph is helpful, but not if it becomes too overwhelming for your DD. Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling and then writing small paragraphs are all you need. That, and of course a good background in literature. Sometimes it's helpful for young students to just know what Fables are and read a few (not necessary at all that they be the same ones as in the Fable book). It is just getting them familiar with the genre.

                I would recommend also that you yourself take a course this summer, say, the Fable and narrative class, and have her sit in and listen, too. That was she can see what it is like, and you see how your tech behaves, and how she responds to the online environment. I really think that, yes, younger students can absolutely do CC online at 4th grade, but in some cases it is even better when their tender, sensitive feelings can have in-person guidance, where understanding doesn't get mangled on the airwaves, and neither do feeling. You say your young lady is a bit sensitive, so giving her time to get used to the subject matter before putting the added complications of online might be best. . So, I would also encourage you to come to the Teacher Training next July in Louisville. They usually have me go over Fable-Ref/Con, or have a grade-based teacher do Fable on Wednesday, right after Sodalitas.
                Hopefully this is enough to get you started, please let me know how it is going, and I look forward to speaking further! I think I have some other information to also give, in answer to your questions above, but as there are many, I wanted to respond now with part of it at least, so you know I am here, and I will finish the rest soon!


                  Abigail Johnson Thank you! I did attend Sodalitas and TT virtually last month. I am going over everything again, now. I assume that you are talking about the Wednesday training that was not on the virtual platform? I wish I could come next year, but I really doubt it. However, I will absolutely follow your suggestions and go through the program and the training. Thank you!!! If you have any other advise, please let me know.


                    Hi Jessica Louise
                    I just wanted to touch base with your post about what to do when. I hope that you have had the chance to digest some of the above information and are able to make a good plan for the year to come. It does sound to me as though your DD might benefit from another couple of years doing at home learning, while she gets used to discourse, noise, and interaction with others. We want to make sure she has a good experience at MPOA. Also, preparing and coaching her for snags like "turn down the volume when it's too high suddenly" will be useful when/if you do decide on MPOA classes. Finally, helping her to go through hard things like a low quiz grade, or giving the wrong answer in class, etc., is your opportunity as well to walk her through things that happen in life. We try, we redirect, and we learn, right? Helping our children see that this is normal, and that we do not have to be perfect all the time, is one of the most valuable gifts we can give them, especially the ones with personalities that always have to be right or they shut down. I have one of those, so I've been there!
                    Please let me know what other info I can provide you with or anything else you would like to discuss,


                      Abigail Johnson Thank you! That gives me direction. We will work toward the day that she is ready for MPOA. Until then, I will keep studying CC! Thank you!!!