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Starting CC in 8th Grade?

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    Starting CC in 8th Grade?

    My children have been using IEW for a number of years. The oldest will be starting 8th grade in the fall. I'm considering switching over to CC, or somehow combining CC with IEW.

    Would this be the sequence to follow? Do the DVDs (or MPOA classes) give much more content than what is in the Teacher Guides?

    8: Fable, Narrative, Chreia/Maxim, Ref/Con (moving very quickly through the first stages)
    9: Common Topic
    10: Encomium, Invective, Comparison
    11: Characterization, Description, Thesis and Law

    Thanks so much for your help.


    I'm sorry you posted days ago and we are just now seeing it. We have some kind of problem going on with the forum that we are working on.

    For an 8th grader, I would recommend skipping Fable and moving straight to Narrative for one semester and Chreia/Maxim the second semester. Then, in 9th grade, do Ref/Con, which is probably the most challenging stage. After that, Common Topic in 10th, EIC in 11th, and Characterization/Description in 12th. It won't matter that you don't do Thesis & Law. Not a lot of people get there. And I feel like it is more important to do the earlier stages well, rather than rushing through them to get to the finish line.

    Someone else may have another option for you. I just wanted to encourage you to take your time with Chreia/Maxim and Ref/Con.



      Thank you, Tanya. That sounds like a good plan. I'm going to use Narrative and Chreia/Maxim for the 8th grader this year. I will start with Fable for the younger ones. I did get the streaming videos since we are new to CC. Maybe we will try the online class for 9th grade depending on how this year goes.



        Oh my! I concur with Tanya that there must be a glitch. This is the first I am seeing of this thread. I am so sorry to leave you hanging. I would agree with Tanya's assessment of your path. I would just add that if you did want to finish Thesis/Law, I would do Common Topic, E/I/C and Characterization & Description spread over two years, instead of three. You will not need a whole year to do Characterization and Description in an accelerated format. The last two stages of Thesis and Law really are superb for college essay writing, so that is why I mention it!


          Thank you, Abigail! I appreciate your help.