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    Too much help?

    I did Fable last year with my 4 NU package. By the end of the year my son seemed to really understand and was writing paraphrases that showed he was getting it. This year, however, he seems to be having a hard time with paraphrases in Narrative. I'm having to read over it with him and say things like, "that doesn't really sound great, what if we said it this way instead?" I guess my question is how much should I be helping him? He wants to add in the figures of description in a way that don't mesh with the story. Today he was supposed to add in Geographia to his Guifa paraphrase and he just tacked on a description of a garden that really didn't work with the story. I worked with him and we found a way to make it part of the story, but is this normal? Is it okay for me to help him in this way?


    You cannot give too much help with Classical Composition. If you need to work together and model everything with him for the first few lessons, that is just fine. We are asking lots of our students in this program, and doing the lessons jointly is ideal. Then, start turning him loose a little at a time using your knowledge of his capabilities to decide when he is ready more independence. It sounds to me like he is doing well, but needs a bit more of a helping hand. And that is just fine!



      Thank you so much! That's a great relief. I was afraid my help signified that he needed to start completely over! 😩


        I concur with tanya! Collaborating is something absolutely necessary for CC. Students will get more "independent" and be able to work with less support as they develop their "filters" for what sounds right, and this of course is a matter of time. You will find that eventually you won't provide the "What if instead." Rather, you will just raise the question directing him to what might be iffy, and leave him to puzzle it out. But for now, going through together is exactly what needs to be happening.

        I'm so glad that you are able and willing to partner with him as you go through the lessons!

        The stories are more complex, and the vocabulary can also be a bit challenging, so those are other reasons that, even though he is doing a lot of the "same" skills as in Fable, it is at a higher level of complexity, and so it may seem like he's temporarily "going backwards" a bit. This is normal, don't worry!
        Abigail Johnson


          Concurring with both above. Help away! Keep in mind that in a classroom setting, even a small one, your child would have the benefit of collaborating with peers as well. Ideas beget other ideas. This is difficult to replicate at home. You may want to add a dictionary and/thesaurus to your "team" to help in all the brainstorming, if you don't already. Sounds like your doing a great job. 💛
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