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Intro to Classical Composition and IEW

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    Intro to Classical Composition and IEW

    Good Afternoon,

    For a combo 3rd/4th grade homeschool (small class), would you recommend that we incorporate the Intro to Composition book by MP or IEW? I appreciate the coordination Intro to Composition provides between the literature and writing. I realize the Intro Book is not specifically part of the Classical Composition 14 books. However, it seems to help with a bridge to Fables. I may be missing something in my thoughts (hence may question).

    I taught Fable this past year and some of the students that took IEW the prior year were a little confused due to the outlining done in IEW. I am not overly familiar with IEW. I personally prefer having the same publisher as much as possible since it can be half the battle of learning. I am open to the best approach for our circumstances. We offer mostly a MP curriculum for K - 6.

    We plan to offer Fable/Narrative for our 5th and 6th grade combo class.

    Thank you for your input.
    God bless.

    I completely understand what you mean in that there is confusion when you work between two different curriculums with very related material. if you are more familiar with Memoria Press, I would go with Memoria Press. A large part of success in writing is the teacher's ability to implement the curriculum. If you're not familiar with it, it will not be used to its best capacity. I also just think it's a great curriculum, ;-)

    More generally speaking, my basic rule of thumb is that as long as the pre Classical Composition curriculum adequately sets students up in the spelling, grammar, and mechanics aspects of sentence construction, they are set up for success with Fable and onward. Again, the best preparation is a teacher who is thoroughly confident in a solid curriculum choice and can then pass those basic writing skills on to the students.
    Abigail Johnson