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    Originally posted by Abigail Johnson View Post
    Hi Tara,

    The lessons will differ a bit in that the paraphrase sections for Fable and Narrative have different directions: reduction (sometimes called condensing), amplification, inversion, and point of view. (The point of view skill is only in Narrative.) So, you will need to make sure that all those are mastered. So, it is very simple to skip around in the book. I do it all the time, year to year, as it adds some variety for me. I always teach condensed timelines either the first 4 or 6 stages in a year. Some years I just can't face another 60 versions of the Ant and the Grasshopper! ?. Other than that the lessons will not differ from each other; they are more about the repetition of many skills that must be interwoven successfully for a full paper. Students will understand the models, the structure, and style BETTER each and every time they write an essay, and thus progress in their writing. For the record, I still learn something fascinating about Ref/Con yearly, it's why I keep teaching this wonderful program!!

    Regarding the DVD's, yes, since you were planning on taking your other children from Fable-Maxim in the next year, I assumed you will be working on mastering those 4 yourself this summer, and thus you can teach him somewhat concurrently initially when introducing fable, and then separately once he gets out of Fable. I would also urge his pace of writing to be more demanding than your younger students. Where they may take 2-3 weeks for a lesson at first, then one per week, and then 2 weeks per Chreia, have your oldest student on a brisk pace. Fables are VERY short and, even with attention to style, paraphrasing quality, etc, a 10th grader should churn one lesson out each and every week! Narrative gets into longer stories, but should keep the same pace. Chreia/Maxim may be 2 weeks at first, but then one every week. 2 weeks per Ref/Con lesson (each individual lesson, not the pair!) at the MOST, hopefully getting to 1 per week towards the end.

    I know this is a brisk pace, but the demanding pace makes up a hefty part of the "rigor" difference between the "yearly" stages that take 2-3 weeks per lesson, and the compressed timelines for older writers.

    Gotcha!!! Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate this guidance!

    Have a great Monday!