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Will MP come out with 11 and 12?

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    Re: Will MP come out with 11 and 12?

    It's the same text Scott is using online:



      Re: Will MP come out with 11 and 12?

      Thank you!

      ETA: snagged a decent used copy for $7 including shipping!
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        Re: Will MP come out with 11 and 12?

        My rising 11th grader is doing medieval history and this is what I have planned:

        History-JM Roberts's A Short History of the World Ch. 7-9 (I use this book as background for whatever era we are studying.)
        The Great Courses Western Civ 1 Lectures (also using this as background and we watch the relevant lectures to the era)

        Then to the main books: History of the Franks (Gregory of Tours) and Chronicles of the Crusades (Joinville and Villehardouin)

        Late term or Summer reading is always a volume of Churchill and he will be on A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume III.

        I have a real hard time finding textbooks I like for high school history so we have been going with Great books that fit the different eras: selections from Herodotus (Greek), Plutarch (Greek and Roman), and selected books from Livy (Roman) along with the relevant chapters from A Short History of the World and some Great Courses.



          I remember when I was in public high school, we took AP American History and AP European History in 11th and 12th. Actually...the AP Euro was fantastic. I loved it. Cool teacher. I know that may not line up with a classical program, but they were great courses...apart from the fact that nowhere, anywhere, did we ever truly make it past 1920's in any history class. . It's like at the end of the year, they rant out of time and everyone realized, oh no....we haven't even covered WWII. Maybe they would advance ahead and talk quickly about the Cuban Missile Crisis or some highlights of WWII, with a comment about the Vietnam era. Then they would fly through it in a week or a few days. I feel like the biggest let down of my education is that i had no concrete idea about the history of the time period of my parents and grand parents. And talk about relevant today! Seriously, I knew so little of Vietnam, Korea, Cold War. Most of what I've learned for time periods after 1920 has been by choice because there was a history channel show about it.
          It looks like we study of the works of C.S.Lewis in "Mere Christianity". I wonder if it makes sense to start around his time line, and spend the year moving forward. When you think about all that happened around the entire world between 1900-today, it's easily enough to fill up a year of history. It seems like just before we send them off to college, there needs to be a tie-in to how we came from the the beginning to where we are today for these kids who are moving into adulthood, where they, in essence, begin joining history with the ability to take on full adult rights and responsibilities.
          Of course...I'm currently dealing in K,1st, and 2nd. So there probably is a course embedded in here somewhere. You guys are pretty thorough and I'm so pleased with what you do. These are just my morning coffee thoughts.

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