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Story of Christianity

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    Story of Christianity

    We're about 11 weeks into this text, and I've noticed that some of the questions are not answered in the text. I'm guessing maybe the teachers offer more background information than what is in the text itself? (For example, lesson 3, question 9. Lesson 7, question 6. Lesson 10, question 4. Lesson 11, question 5.) I'm trying to read ahead of my student so I can mark the questions not in the text, saving her frustration in looking for something that isn't there. Are these questions meant to add information? Is there another way I should approach them?
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    Re: Story of Christianity

    Bumping because I am curious for when we will use this next year.
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      Re: Story of Christianity

      Good morning,

      First of all, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you all. It took me a bit to find the answer!

      We did discover after printing that there are a few questions that are not explicitly answered in the text and we will be correcting these in our next printing. For example, Lesson 3 #9 is answered in Matthew 4:18, so we will add that reference to the question. Fortunately, all of these questions are in the first 11 lessons, so you should be good to go from now on, Melanie. (If you find anything after Lesson 11, please let us know!)

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