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Logic sequence question

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    Logic sequence question

    In 8th grade my daughter completed Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic by James Nance. She did very well, and has since been asking to go further in the study of logic. My question is, should she now study Material logic? I see that MP has Traditional logic, is that basically the same as the Nance curriculum? Thanks!

    Re: Logic sequence question

    First, we only cover linguistic logic. We side with the ancients on this one, that the study of right thinking should be done in the context of the language we use to express our thoughts. Others would, perhaps unintentionally, intend to constrain our thoughts to mathematical symbols and propositions (good for computer languages, but not for human living).

    Second, the study of logic is typically divided into two areas: formal and material (also known as "informal"). Formal logic covers how an argument is structured, and material logic covers what content makes up that argument (i.e., definitions, modes of being, etc.). Our programs are broken down in the same way. Traditional Logic covers formal logic, Material Logic covers material (informal) logic.

    Nance's books mix all this up into one, including linguistic and mathematical logic, formal and material logic.

    So while some of the concepts we cover in our programs will be repeats from Nance's book, doing our Traditional Logic I & II followed by Material Logic should help your daughter get a deeper mastery of linguistic knowledge than she currently has.

    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy