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    New with a question

    I'm new to MP and would love to consider using it for my daughter who will be 12 in August. We've used a relaxed Charlotte Mason curriculum for all of our years of schooling. How long does most of the work take for a sixth grader with MP? She's used to shorter lessons and it takes a total of 3 hours for her to do her work. I'm just concerned that MP might be too intense for her. I'd love any thoughts and or feedback.

    Re: New with a question


    My daughter will be in 6th grade this fall. We have used MP since kindergarten. We averaged being done with our school day before 2p each day. If she got up early and started right away, we would be done by 1p. 4 -5 hours... but not all of that was I at her elbow. I hope this helps.

    Carlyn D.
    DD- 14 yr. old has used Memoria Press Classical Core since K; 9A currently
    DS- 22 yr. old college graduate
    DS- 22 yr. old college student
    Both sons graduated May 2016 from high school after homeschooling since preschool. :)


      Re: New with a question

      Jenn, might you re-post this question on the K-8 sub-forum? I feel like you'd get so much help from people there -- this sub-forum focuses on high school, and the folks in the trenches with those middle schoolers might not spot your question.

      They will have great questions to ask you, too ... are you placing her in the 6th grade "core"? Have you made, or needed to make really, any adjustments in Latin, math, composition?
      Ana, mama to
      ds A, 14 yo
      ds N, 9 yo