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    Originally posted by momgineer View Post
    Have you looked at Kolbe's theology? In addition to doing Laux (which is dry and boring) they do Church history in 10-12th grades using some actual books like Eusibius and Augustine and then a comprehensive "reader" compiled by Kolbe of important excerpts from all sorts of documents. The section on Galileo in 11th is particularly interesting. The Church History from Kolbe is a nice option for Catholic history if you like using primary resources instead of textbooks.
    I have looked at kolbe before, but I usually get overwhelmed by how much material they try to cover in literature and history. All good, but so much for one year. I guess that it has clouded my previous looks at theology as well. I do like the original sources rather than textbooks. Do you enroll your kids or just buy the lesson plans? Having someone to grade papers would be nice.

    For 2019-2020
    DD 16 - 11th with MPOA(AP Latin), Lukeion (Greek4 & Adv. NT Greek), Thinkwell (Economics and Chemistry), plus Pre-Calculus, American G’ment, Early Church History set, and British Lit
    DS 14 - 8th with MPOA(Fourth Form), CLRC(Intro Lit and Comp), plus Algebra, Field Biology, Classical Studies 1
    DS 11 - 6th with Right Start Level G online class
    DS 6 - 1st with Prima Latina