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Where to start with classical studies and history?

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    Where to start with classical studies and history?

    We have not used Memoria Press before but I'm interested in doing so. My oldest will be going into 9th grade. Where should we start? I'm feeling overwhelmed..

    Re: Where to start with classical studies and history?

    Hello, and welcome!

    The major difference in our history and the Omnibus is that we move at a much slower pace. Whereas the Omnibus covers the Odyssey in a couple of weeks, we take an entire semester to cover the Iliad and Odyssey. You read a lot more with the Omnibus, but our approach is to immerse students in the culture and beauty of the primary authors, taking the time to really get to know them and enjoy them.

    For a ninth grader following our pattern, we would recommend that you start with Greece. That would be our 8th grade classical studies: a semester of Greek history with Dorothy Mills' book of the Ancient Greeks, and a semester reading Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.

    We are history heavy, so our students also study two years of American history and two years of European history simultaneously with their classical history. I don't know how much American history you have covered. You may have done enough. Another option is to cover our Geography III course if your student hasn't had geography yet.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to post again with further questions.