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Ignatius Critical Editions question

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    Ignatius Critical Editions question

    I am planning for my daughter who is using some of the texts that are not covered in a grade yet. Many of these literature selections are the Ignatius Critical Editions, with many commentaries in the back of the book. Should students read these commentaries after they finish the literature guide? Does Highlands cover them at all? Just read "on the side" sometime? Not read at all?

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    Re: Ignatius Critical Editions question

    Hey, Sarah.

    I don't think our students read the commentaries in the back of the Shakespeare books. If there were something students should read, I think it would be mentioned in the study guide if our teachers wanted the students to read a particular commentary. That said, there is certainly nothing wrong with having students read the commentaries. It's a good use of their time, but we are limited in the time we have, so we have to pick and choose.

    Also, our teachers may be presenting the material in the commentaries because I am sure the teachers have studied them. That is an advantage to having a teacher who teaches the same material every year and becomes an expert on the material. Our job is to provide that information to you as homeschoolers. We are going to work hard on getting teaching DVDs completed in the next couple of years.