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Greek Tragedies Daily Plan

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    Greek Tragedies Daily Plan


    I understand that Greek Tragedies is new and no one has probably done them yet, sooo this question is probably for Tonya but of course I felt if *I* had this question others may as well, so it's worth a forum post instead of a direct email.

    If you hadn't already inferred from the title of this post, my question is "Is there a daily lesson plan for the Greek tragedies anywhere?" Which one comes first? How much should one read in a day?

    I think the lit books we purchased (Robinson and Merchant) are fairly self explanatory but we're a bit mystified by the classical studies plan.

    Thank you,


    (CUSN*: I'd love to see lit guides for J.H. Ingraham books. I'm currently reading Pillar of Fire and loving it. Which is what I HAVE to finish soon so I can pre-read the Greek Tradgedies)

    *Completely Unrealated Side Note. (but sorta to me)

    Re: Greek Tragedies Daily Plan


    Sorry for the delay. I've been in Dallas for the TTD convention - hanging with TX homeschoolers!

    We don't have the Greek tragedy plans yet, but we will have them in the next month because we are putting them in the 9th grade package coming out. If you need them before you see them on our website, you can always email me and check the progress. I'll try to get them done sooner rather than later!