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    AP Latin Exam

    At what point would a student be able to take the AP Latin exam?...How far would you have to go in Latin to have covered enough Latin to have a chance at doing well on the test?

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    I'm looking forward to MP's response, but I wanted to point out that MP offers an AP Latin class. They suggest two years of translation first (such as Henle 2 and 3) or one year of translation for an older, strong student. I'm thinking though that to take the AP exam it is best to use an AP class or at least AP prep material specific to the test. I believe MP said Henle 4 is not good enough prep for AP which is why they offer AP instead of Henle 4.
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      We do suggest two to three years of translation prior to taking an AP Latin course followed by the exam. An AP Latin course is important because the exam is as much about the content of the works as it as about the ability to translate Latin. A course solely on Virgil translation will not make it through all the content the AP exam expects since they pull from various authors.

      It is important to note that before getting to translation the student would need to cover all the grammar (either through the Form Series or the Henle First Year book). We find that students who go through the Form series come out with a much stronger grasp of the grammar than a student that does Henle in two years--this could possibly lead to him doing less translation prior to doing an AP course.

      Paul Schaeffer
      Director, Schools Division
      Memoria Press