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    On line Greek Classes

    I'm looking at your Middle School Greek I vs HS Greek I. They both say they take about 45 min day for the avg student.
    What's the difference?

    My son will be in 8th grade next year and I'm wondering how to proceed with Greek studies. He will be starting 3rd Form Latin and he could just continue with Elementary Greek II. It's just that Elementary Greek I takes him 10 min MAX per day. Actually, it does make it stress free for us, and just gives a sampling of the language. Perhaps, he will want to keep it that way for now, but I do want to check out options.


    Scott is only going to have one Greek I course and one Greek II course next year. The teacher this year found that the students needed to move at the same pace in Greek I, regardless of whether they were in middle school or high school, so there was very little difference in the classes after all. The older class did do a little more translation work, but even there, some of the students just weren't ready for that yet.