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New to Latin and need direction, please

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    New to Latin and need direction, please

    My daughter (17) will be a senior in public high school this coming fall but would like to learn Latin beginning this summer. Latin is not offered at her school.

    She has had 2 years of Spanish and is fluent.

    Can you give me an idea of what curriculum would meet her needs? She needs something from the very basics of Latin, yet not too juvenile.




    Henle's First Year Latin exactly fits your requirements. Though made for a classroom setting, Henle's books are admirably suited to self-study. I have been teaching myself Latin with his books and am now in the second book and am doing great!

    First Year Latin is divided into fourteen units, of which the first seven are required for a year of high school Latin. The remaining seven are for advanced classes/students or for a second year of Latin.

    To start, you will need Henle's Latin Grammar, First Year Latin, and the answer key, which are available here under the name "Henle Latin I Set." You do not need the study guides by Lowe and Cothran; they are meant for 6-8th graders and so proceed too slowly for a senior high schooler who has already taken another foreign language.

    If you'd like support in addition to that provided on this forum, you and/or your daughter can join the Henle Latin Yahoo Group by emailing



      Thanks Maria. I'll look into Henle's.