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Starting Latin in 9th grade, need advice...I'm confused!

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    Starting Latin in 9th grade, need advice...I'm confused!

    I have read several forums about starting Latin in 9th grade but I still can't quite decide what to do.

    So just a little background to start.......

    I bought LC1 to start an easy intro to Latin, Roots of English, and The Book of Roots to use with my 8th grader this year but we never started due to not wanting to overload our days. Now I have all these unused books and my dd will be in 9th grade next year. We have not formally studied Latin but we currently use Apologia General Science. I wouldn't really say that my dd is a "slow" learner, but she isn't exactly on grade level with everything.

    That being said, could I use the LC1 with her in 9th grade or should I go ahead and begin the LC1 now and go through the summer with it and then begin something else next school year?
    Also, if she were to take LC1 in 9th, how would that look on a high school transcript if she plans to attend college and what kind of credit, if any, would it give her in 9th?
    Or, should I just skip LC1 altogether? If I do that, what would be the best start for her in 9th grade with no Latin background?

    I would like Latin to count toward her foreign language for high school.

    As far as the Roots books......How should I use those with her if she uses something other than LC1? Could the Roots of English be counted toward her English 1 credit if used next year? Same question for the Book of Roots.

    Sorry I have so many questions.....I just really need help figuring this all out. Thanks in advance!


    LCI counts as 1/2 a credit for high school. Your daughter could complete it in one semester, and then she could move on to First Form Latin. She would need to do 2 lessons a week in LCI in order to finish it in a semester, but that is totally reasonable for a 9th grader. Each lesson should only take a couple of hours a week (and that includes the memorization of vocabulary and grammar forms that is necessary).

    Your other option would be to start First Form now and don't do LCI at all, which is a perfectly appropriate starting point for a high schooler. But since you have already purchased LCI, and you can get 1/2 cr. for it, I don't see any reason not to complete it and give her a more gentle introduction to Latin.