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    Henle question

    I have just started working through Henle on my own, both because I would like to learn Latin myself and to better enable me to teach it to my child who is finishing up Prima Latina now and will soon start Latina Christiana I. Already in Exercise 14 I have run into a question that I cannot figure out the answer to, so I am asking help!
    My question regards the genitive case. In every example in the book starting on page 16 the genitive form follows the noun that is owned, as in gloria Mariae. So when I got to Exercise 14, translating from English to Latin, I put the genitive after the noun, as in all the examples. However, when I looked at the answers both in the Henle Answer Key and in the Memoria study guide, the genitive cave before the noun. For example sentence 2. Mary sees the Son of God. I translated to: Maria filium Dei videt. But the answer key says: Maria Dei Filium videt. It isn't just this one sentence, but also numbers 3,7, 8, 9, 10. So, does the order not matter, or is the key wrong, or is there something that I haven't realized that determines where the genitive goes? If the order doesn't matter, then how do you know what is being possessed if the genitive comes between two other nouns?
    I appreciate any help I can get to understand this better.

    There is no hard and fast rule about the order. That's one of the interesting things about highly inflected languages - word order is much more flexible than in languages like English.