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    Online Academy English High School Courses

    I'm thinking ahead here, but are there plans for the Online Academy High School English Courses to use your Literature Study Guides once they are ready or do you plan to continue offering the choices currently offered? I notice English I/II do no use the 9th grade Literature packages you sell.
    DD 10th
    DS 6th
    DD 5th


    Thank you very much for the email. Eventually we will bring everything in sync with what we do at our physical school, Highlands Latin School, and this will include using the literature guides. We currently do this with all of the literature classes for grades 3-8. However, the current classes (Short Story and Novel) were created by Martin Cothran. We will probably always offer them as an alternative because they are very popular.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let me know.

    Mr. Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy