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Composition - no dvd's ?

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    Composition - no dvd's ?

    My home-schooled son is at 8th grade currently. I've been considering the MP composition courses and know that his grade would require doubling up in a year on Fable and Narrative. All good, but I'm wondering if I truly need the DVDs. A few weeks ago, pursuing the boards here I believe I came across a few comments that for composition the DVDs were necessary in understanding the work. Is this fact or is it possible to do the course using just the student and teacher books? What do I lose with no dvd's / what would I gain using them?


    IMO....not necessary, but helpful


    The Classical Composition program is complete in the books themselves. The DVD's were created as instructional aids, a task they do perform, but they are not necessary for using the program.

    I currently have a ten year old son using the second level of the program. He did Fable last year, and now Narrative this year. This is the only formal writing program he has done besides the composition exercises in his English book.

    We have used the program successfully without the dvd's. I would love to purchase them, as I have heard people say they are wonderful, but we are always in the spot of trying to minimize costs. Therefore we have done without. The first level, Fable, was an adjustment, as there was a lot of terminology that was unfamiliar to both of us. However, we just plugged through, getting used to the material and the processes by just jumping in and doing it. After a couple weeks, we really got the sense of the whole thing, and felt more comfortable with it. I expected a similar learning curve when we began Narrative, but it really was a nice progression without being completely different. I can really see how the skills from Fable are being built upon in Narrative.

    Therefore, don't assume you have to "get" it all before you start using it. It really becomes clearer after you just do the daily work for a couple of weeks and you realize that you are doing well at it.

    That is my experience, anyway. And for what it is worth, it is one of my son's favorite subjects, despite the effort involved.

    2019-2020 - 9th Year with MP
    DD, 18, Homeschool grad; Art major/philosophy minor
    DS, 16
    DD, 14
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    DD, 10
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    DS, 18 months


      Thanks Sarah...I didn't ask the question, but your info was very helpful to me...

      Homeschooling two boys
      DS -18 (9/4/00) Graduated from homeschool
      DS -14 (9/9/04)
      DS -13 (7/3/06)


        Thank you Sarah

        Glad to hear you had a positive experience with the course without the dvd's. We also would like to appropriate funds in the most efficient way. Memoria just has so many interesting course works