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Latin, Logic and Christian Theology

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    Latin, Logic and Christian Theology

    In this article by Martin Cothran he mentions using First and Second Latin by Scanlon and Scanlon. Do you know where I can find this text?
    Second, and more importantly, does he have these syllogisms from the Summa available to share, either as some examples or the complete text?
    Can he recommend a specific readable translation of the Summa?
    Thanks! Susan

    Scanlon Latin Texts

    The Scanlon texts currently available (in print) are published by TAN Publishers: They sell the set of two books for $27.

    Both Latin Grammar and Second Latin (by Scanlon and Scanlon) are available from at a discounted price.

    Used copies of these texts are also available through

    There are other Catholic text supply companies out there that also sell the Scanlon texts.