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Latin placement help and grammar question

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    Latin placement help and grammar question


    I am hoping someone can help me sort through the ideas floating in my head! My boys are 14 and 16 years old and we are finishing up 10th grade (both doing the same work). I started Koine Greek with them around 1st grade and we dabbled with both Greek and Latin (used Latina Christiana I) during elementary. Because my mom is from Germany, we switched to just German other than in 9th grade when they used Artes Latinae. The AL was okay but I just don't think they got as much out of it as we did from LC. There was no chanting and I am a firm believer in that!

    The last 3 or 4 years we have become so heavily involved with music, that it has been all we could do to keep up with the basics.

    That is about to change! I only have two years left with my oldest (who is dyslexic) and really want to get back to Latin with them while I still have the chance. I was thinking of starting First Form Latin. I looked over the demo and think that is the right choice but, wanted some input from others.

    Additionally, if I use the FFL, do you think I could count that as the grammar part of an English credit? Oddly enough, English is not their strong suit- which has always shocked me with all the language study they have had all their lives!!!

    Thank you so, so much for any help you can give.



    First Form Latin is a good choice for you, but it is a beginning course, so your students may have a lot of review here. You might be able to move quickly through First Form and start Second Form the 2nd semester. But the Forms do have the structure, recitation, and mastery you are looking for.

    First Form is equivalent to 1 high school credit, and though most people use it as a foreign language credit, I think you are fine to use it as a grammar credit.


    Tanya Charlton



      So if they are weak in English grammar, do you suggest using something in addition to the Latin or will the Latin be enough?

      Thanks again!


        High school students need to be able to write, so if your students struggle with forming good sentences, paragraphs, essays, etc. because of a weakness in English grammar, then you will want to use a grammar course to work on those weak areas. But your students should come out of high school with a good handle on writing, so that is where I would spend the bulk of my time if I were you - using grammar as a resource as you need it.

        I hope this helps!