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8th grader struggling with TL II

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    8th grader struggling with TL II

    Hi. My 8th grade daughter is struggling through the last part of TL II (she's in ch 13). I haven't been following along so I can't help her. I have a couple questions.

    One, is anyone else finding trouble working with these materials? She seems very frustrated with a lack of enough examples and explanation of the answers. Eg, there is often only one example of a particular concept in the chapter, then the questions ask to apply it to a variety of examples which aren't the same as the example given. If she looks at the answers, there is no explanation so if she doesn't get it, she's stuck.

    Second, since Highlands has 9th graders doing TL II, should I just have her stop for now, and re-do TL II next year? I don't want to burn her out on the idea of studying Logic.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts!



    Thanks for the post. You definitely don't want her to burn out, so stopping may be an option you want to look at. I haven't heard too many problems about a lack of examples; I have heard that the text is difficult. It was difficult even for my 9th graders at HLS. However, we got through it. Do you have a specific example of a problem/concept she is having trouble with? In many textbooks you will find that a concept is covered and then applied to different examples.

    Scott Piland