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    Chapter 13 Video

    On the first Euler example of Chapter 13 in the video, we have two possibilities. The first one I understand fine; however, with the second I'm having trouble -

    It is based on the syllogism:
    No plants(pd) are animals(md)
    Some minerals(su) are not animals(md)
    Therefore, some minerals(su) are not plants(pd)

    The second diagram in the video shows minerals inside the circle of plants, and animals standing alone. Why is the "some minerals are not plants" statement moved inside the circle of plants? Shouldn't the "some minerals are not animals" overlap part of animals, which is standing apart, to show that "some minerals are not plants"? This is showing "all minerals are plants" to prove the conclusion invalid, but I don't understand. It seems from this diagram, you could just move the circles where ever you wanted. I don't get the point. How does this prove a false conclusion?

    Chapter 13 Reading pg 122, last paragraph does not make sense with the syllogism. The conclusion assumes that some accountants ARE CANNIBALS, which is not what the text states. What is it supposed to say?

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