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    High School History

    Hello everyone.

    New to the Forum. First time on 9-12 Board. I need help determining where to go from here. I have a dd 5th and ds 8th. Here is the path we've followed thus far, right or wrong:

    K-2 - Public School
    3rd - SL American History, Part I (was given to me)
    4th - MFW Geography Based core (to better incorporate 1st grader)
    5th - MFW Creation - Ancient Greeks
    6th - Ancient Rome (Famous Men of Rome...)
    7th - MOH Vol II - Ressurection through Middle Ages
    8th - MOH Vol III - Ren., Ref., Growth of Nations (1455 - 1707)

    In the 4 yrs remaining for my older, what would be the most beneficial course to follow? I am looking at TruthQuest's Revolution I, II, III series allowing one year for Econ and US Gov. Then I saw in "The Classical Teacher" the article by Dr. Cowan and what you offer in curriculum for the classics and American/Modern Studies. Now I'm considering the value of moving through American History a little faster with "The Story of the 13..." & "The Great Republic" so we will have time to revisit the ancients.

    If I do the latter, what of the ancients should we revisit/what curricula can you suggest?

    I would appreciate your feedback on both options. Thank you for allowing me to "think aloud" and for providing access to experienced feedback.



    Thank you for your nice comments on another post. We work hard on the Classical Teacher, and I'm glad you enjoy it.

    For your high schooler, the Guerber American history would be fine to read through, but you might want a more comprehensive history that includes modern U.S. history to round out his high school education. I haven't found one that I am totally sold on. That said, you might look at the books we use in our online academy American history class. They come with workbooks and tests. Even though they are advertised as middle school books, they cover history pretty thoroughly, and you could do them in one year rather than two. They are published by Bright Ideas Press (All American History). I also like America: A Narrative History (Brief Eighth Edition) by Tindall and Shi. It is a 2-volume set and reads fairly easily.

    As far as classical history goes, you might consider the way we do history so that we cover several different types of history every year. You could have a 1 1/2 hr. history block every day but cover different histories. For example, on Mon./Wed., you could do American history, and on Tues./Thurs., Classical history, and on Fri., Christian studies. That way, your students are constantly being exposed to the various subjects. It's more interesting to them also rather than drowning them in one subject. Anyway, it's something to consider.

    Let me add that for your younger student, you would only do each history one day a week for 1 1/2 hrs. For example, our 5th graders do a lesson in Famous Men of the Middle Ages one day, Christian Studies III another day, and geography the third day. On the fourth day, that time is used for science. We only have school four days a week, so their reading day at home would include a little work in each subject to prepare for the week.

    Since your high school student has already studied some ancient history, I would like to see him read Homer and Virgil in high school. So, you could do our Dorothy Mills Book of the Ancient Greeks the first semester next year, and then read the Iliad and Odyssey. I have study guides for all of these books. Then, the next year, study the Mills Book of Ancient Rome one semester and read the Aeneid the next. The third year, you could do the Middle Ages and read Dante.

    Another good option for classical history study is Susan Wise Bauer's ancient history book and Middle Ages book. I don't believe they have study guides with them, but they are worth reading.

    I hope this helps you. If you have further questions, I'll do my best to answer them.


    Tanya Charlton



      Thank you for your response. It certainly does give me a new perspective and a lot to process. Once I've checked out all the resources you've recommended and sift it all, I'll post again.