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Chapter 9 'A' Statements

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    Chapter 9 'A' Statements

    On the explanation regarding the conversion of 'A' statements, where is the "change quantity" on part. conv.

    "All men are mortal"
    No men are non mortal (change qual. neg. pred.)
    No non-mortals are men (interchange sub. pred)
    **BUT where is change quality from universal to particular?
    All immortals are not men (obvert again)

    The quiz for chapter 9, answer key, shows the Conversion step as, "Some mortals are men" (partial conversion) and the textbook shows the Conversion step as, "No non-mortals are men".

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    If you are doing partial conversion (you can't perform full conversion) on the A statement, the process is:

    1. switch the subject and predicate
    2. change the quantifier

    So, "All men are mortal" would result in:

    "Some mortal things are men"


      Thanks, Scott. The Quiz answers for Chapter 9 state :

      All men are mortal

      No men are not mortal
      Some mortals are men (partial conversion)
      All immortals are not men

      Some men are happy

      Some men are not happy
      Some happy things are men
      You cannot contropose an I statement

      No men are gods

      All men are not gods
      No gods are men
      You cannot contropose an E statement

      Some men are not happy

      Some men are not happy
      You cannot conver an O statement
      Some unhappy things are men.

      Please advise.




        Could you please be more specific when you post the questions? I don't understand the question. The answers in the answer key are correct, which is why I am confused.


          Hi Scott,
          No, it's fine. I was confused with the way the test was set up. The blank test looks like it wants you to fill in each spot with an answer, but the key states you cannot contropose 'I and E' and cannot convert on the 'O' statement. I just wondered why it was written in such a way. We got through it.