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    What should I do?

    I have no Latin background, and have been learning alongside my daughter, who is now in 10th grade. We are at the end of Unit 7, Henle's First Year Latin, and we are struggling. I would say we understand between 90-95% of the material, and my daughter generally gets 95-100% on her quizzes/tests. However, there are occasional questions that just baffle us, and we have no place to go for the answers. It's so frustrating! It was recommended to me that we enroll in an online course. We are considering an Independent Study course. Would you recommend that we enroll in High School Latin II, 1st semester? Can she just skim over what we've already covered, and begin where we are? Will we be able to ask questions? Thank you so much!


    Henle HS II is the correct course for your daughter. It will begin with a review of material she has already covered, but she could just go ahead and take the quizzes for that material and see how she does, or you could choose to skip those quizzes and move directly on to new material. If you want to do that, you will need to notify our online director, and he will set those quizzes to be excluded from her grade.

    We do have a Latin teacher monitoring this class, so your daughter can ask questions and get the help she needs. The only thing she won't get with an independent class is access to the weekly chats.

    If you have further questions about our online classes, feel free to email Scott at or give him a call at our office. He is here Mon.-Thurs. each week and will be glad to help you.


    Tanya Charlton