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    Starting from Scratch

    I am new to this program and I need help? I have a tenth grade son that I am homeschooling and want him to take Latin but I do not know where to start. Can someone tell me where to start? He has never been taken Latin before. Also, I heard that Logic is a good course to take but I don't know if Logic I would be to hard to start with.


    You have 2 Latin options for your 10th grader that are good. You can do First Form Latin or Henle. I would suggest that if you choose to do Henle, you do it through our online academy because there isn't really much supplemental help for you with Henle. If you want to try to do Latin independently, our First Form series will give you all the help you need. We have dvds for FF that have a teacher actually teaching each lesson. Then, the Teacher Guide has totally scripted lessons that a 10th grader could actually use independently to help him/her along.

    Completion of FF is 1 high school credit, so it is considered a year-long course. But, if you want to do a lot of Latin, it is possible to do 2 lessons/wk. (I wouldn't advise this for students before high school) and complete FF and Second Form in 1 year.

    Henle takes a couple of years to complete also. A high schooler should be able to get through Units 1-5 the first year and Units 6-14 the second.

    I hope this helps you. Let us know if you have further questions.


    Tanya Charlton