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Transition from Second Form Latin to Third Form

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    Transition from Second Form Latin to Third Form

    Hello, Second Form Users!

    I am attaching a file that has a syllabus for transitioning from Second Form into Third Form when we begin beta testing it in January. If you have completed Second Form, we would like you to spend this semester working through the first 5 units of Henle I. The attached syllabus was put together by Cheryl Lowe to supplement your work in our Forms series. She has carefully chosen the exercises that will most benefit your continuing Latin work.

    In order to complete this work, you will need the Henle I text, an answer key,
    and the Henle Grammar. You can get these books from us for $28.45 (Henle I Text Set).

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We will - as always - be glad to
    help you.


    Tanya Charlton
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