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    Henle 2 - new student guide

    The new classical teacher has a “new” label by the student guide for Henle 2, but not by any of the other components of the set. I have the original version of the Henle 2 homeschool plans and I know the new edition is different, but I have having trouble figuring out exactly what has changed. I see that there is a student guide instead of a teacher guide. Will there be a teacher guide or are the answers to the exercises in the student guide? Will the test book be changing? What is the scope of these plans? I was rather surprised that the previous edition didn’t cover all of Henle 2 and even more surprised that the MPOA class at the time my oldest took it didn’t either. The student guide sample does not appear to contain the entire table of contents, only the first page so it is impossible to tell what is being covered. Is the expectation that a student would go directly to Henle 3 or to the plans for Moeller’s Caesar? Sorry for so many questions.

    Plans for 2022-2023
    16th year homeschooling, 13th year with Memoria Press
    DD College Sophomore
    DS 11th grade - Lukeion Latin and Greek, Vita Beata, MPOA Divine Comedy
    DS 9th grade - Vita Beata Literature/Classical Studies
    DS 4th grade - 4A with Right Start F, Second Form Latin, AAS 5


    Bonnie Graham wrote this new Henle II student guide, and it is much improved. Rather than just being a lesson plan, it gives students all kinds of helpful information, reminders, and tips. She wrote this guide for the student, so there is no need for a teacher manual. We can't put the key to the exercises in our guides because Henle is owned by Loyola. We only have the key in books we published before Loyola published their keys. So you will need the Henle II Key.

    Bonnie may have additional information for you when she sees this, but I can tell you that this is an improved product. She did a great job with it!



      I had already typed this when I saw Tanya's post. I will go ahead and post this at the risk of being repetitive.

      The Student Guide is new. The tests and quizzes are new. The student guide can also serve as a teacher guide. It specifies exactly what the student should do in each daily lesson, when to take a quiz/test, etc. It contains copious notes to help students get the most out of the exercises and readings. The answers to the Henle exercises are in the Henle Answer Key. The guide elaborates on the Henle answers. The “old” components of Henle Answer Key and Henle Grammar are essential.

      The guide has a week of review and prep and then helps the student through all 32 Henle lessons (exercises, readings, etc.). It then covers a couple of historical readings about Caesar’s life, as well as the very early parts of Caesar’s Gallic War -- about 8 weeks of reading and translating Latin. With these, the student will be better prepared to begin the Caesar readings assigned for the AP Latin Exam (covered in Mueller). Also, the Christian Latin section in the middle of the Henle text is covered.

      {For a student who needs more time on the lessons, there are suggestions throughout the guide for some particular exercises/readings that could be omitted as less essential to the year’s work For example, a student who needs to move at a bit slower pace in the Henle exercises need not complete all the Christian Latin readings and might not necessarily complete all the Gallic War readings. They would still be able to move to Mueller.}

      Jon can correct me, but I believe that a student could move to either Mueller or Henle III/Cicero, depending on the student’s goals and interests. If you want to keep the AP as an option, Caesar/Mueller would be the next logical course of study.

      Does this help?

      Thank you, Tanya, for the kind words!